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Monday, March 25, 2019

Mock Law Enforcement Drill Held at Burwell School
Burwell Tribune
27 Oct 2010
The Loup County Sheriff's Department and Burwell Police Department hosted a mock school disaster drill on Sunday at Burwell Jr - Sr High School.

Rock County, Wheeler County, and Valley County law enforcement also participated in the drill, along with some local school students. The drill simulated a school shooting/hostage situation.

Tylr Naprstek acted the part of the shooter, and Miss Cain and Mr. Owen used gunfire sound effects to add to the realism of the drill.

The officers did several walk-throughs of the building to secure and apprehend the shooter. After each walk-through they made an analysis of their performance.

The time was educational for both law enforcement and the students. The drill gave officers a feel for the building and gave the students a chance to ask questions about what to do if a real situation were to occur.

Mr. Owen used the time to quiz participating students on the signals and phrases already in place in the school system should a student spot a potentially dangerous situation.

Two 911 dispatchers also attended to observe and be prepared for an emergency of this nature.

Garfield County Sheriff Larry Donner treated all the participants to the results of his culinary skills to end the afternoon's activity.