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Monday, April 22, 2019

Burwell City Council Announces Fluoridation Date and Looks At Buildings For Demolition
Cindy Johnson
12 May 2010
The regular meeting of the Burwell City Council was held on Tuesday, April 13th. Present were Mayor Chuck Cone, Council Members Carolyn DeBaets, Linda Buhlke, Terry Cone and Richard (Doc) Pedersen and City Administrator Bob Beat.

Under Consent Agenda the minutes of the previous meeting, Treasurer's report and claims were approved.

Burwell Economic Development Director David Sawyer gave his report which included various activities that will be taking place in Burwell such as the Fox Hunters, the reopening of the Rodeo Theatre and the potential May 5th opening of the new Subway restaurant.

Under new business a request for a Special Designated License for Alcohol at a wedding was granted and a request for a Beer Garden at the Legion Club during the Rodeo weekend was passed.

Linda Fryzek, Chairman of the City Planning Commission, requested written zoning amendments for livestock before the Planning Meeting in May. "At our zoning meeting last Tuesday night they asked me to come before you and ask you if we could get something in writing from whatever attorney it is," stated Fryzek. Mayor Cone replied that by the end of the next working week they should have something in writing from Doug Walker.

Mayor Cone then invited the City Council to view a house located on N 7th Street that will soon be torn down. It is the desire of the Council to encourage the demolition of houses that are uninhabitable, creating lots for new homes to be built.

After a discussion with Ryan Klimek regarding the replacement of a non-working well on his property, Council agreed to let Ryan replace the well if he will use the well water for irrigation purposes and city water for his residence.

Cindy Markvicka addressed the council regarding the hiring of summer help.

The Council also discussed the state requirements that will go into effect on June 1, 2010 requiring that all communities, with a population of over 1000, have fluoridation levels of 1 part per million. At the current time Burwell has a level of 1/3 part per million so fluoride will have to be added. The plan is to begin adding the fluoride slowly so that the proper levels can be reached. Mayor Cone stated that he would be issuing a press release of the benefits of flouridation. Council member Pedersen reminded the Council that flouride "Not only helps your teeth, it helps your bones and your hearing because of the tiny bones in your ears."

With no further new business the meeting was adjourned, the next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 11, 2010.